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iMONEY interview


Mr CK Wong had done an interview with iMONEY which is a renowned Chinese financial magazine in HK.

(Below information is extracted from iMONEY, translated by Topromise.)

As a DAB radio enterprise for 3 years, CK Wong, Managing Director of Topromise Co Limited, is focusing on Europe’s DAB radio market while digital broadcasting service has made no progress in HK.


DAB is well developed in some Europe countries such as UK, Germany and Norway. With aggressive marketing strategy and concrete experience in production from parent company, this helps Topromise gain confidence from overseas buyers in a short time. Also, product design is also a key element of a successful business. Even more, some of the radio models became the most popular radios of John Lewis, high-end department store in UK.



CK is full of plans. He asked audio engineering team to develop various well-functioning radios including alarm clock, Bluetooth, NFC as well as music streaming software SPOTIFY in a device. ‘Radio should be all-in-one which will be very convenient for all consumers’, CK said. He expected that the total amount of radio sales could be reached 1 million units in this year.



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