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Our mission is “to accelerate the number of DAB radio users in order to make it more popular.”

The launch of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) service will mark a new era of broadcasting development in Hong Kong end of 2011.


The first digital broadcasting station in Hong Kong, Digital Broadcasting Corporation Hong Kong Limited (DBC), Topromise Company Limited is the current and specified manufacturer of DAB radios and a strategic partner of DBC. It is believed that this purchase order is one of the biggest in the world. The production amount is 20% of total global production of DAB radios. 


 The technology for producing DAB radio is complicated that makes the price high. However, the success of Research & Development activities by our leading designers, engineers and other professionals made a technical breakthrough to have the DAB radio quality guaranteed. With a fashioned outlook, the price is only 1/3 of other DAB radios sold in overseas markets. Moreover, there are 8 various colours for your choice.




Our own research and development of 3 types of DAB radio:
1.    Kitchen radio
2.    Hand-held radio
3.    Taxi radio


Our selling points:
1.    Simple and stylish outlook
2.    Less noise, better sound quality
3.    LCD display, show instant information from local broadcasting station
4.    Simple buttons, easier to operate
5.    Portable
6.    FM/ DAB+
7.    Competitive Price


DAB broadcasting is a worldwide trend. Traditional radio will be gradually faded out and replaced by DAB radio and its relevant products. The listeners, henceforth, can enjoy listening to broadcasting programmes with DAB radio without any frequency interference.

There are 15 countries or cities already with DAB regular service. Besides, more than 30 areas are with trial regulation or with interest. Expected that not only DAB but also DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) will be getting more popular in the forthcoming future. In order to closely meet the needs of the markets, our R & D team will continue to develop more new products with superior quality as well as competitive price.