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EasiLight LED light bulb is a result of research and development of the to replace the traditional incandescent and fluorsecent light of a new energy-effivient lighting source, widely used in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, warehouse or similar places under lighting. The light bulb with aluminum bottom shell, face mask imported PC material, high brightness LED light source, have a super energy saving features, as well as loads of advantages including high brightness, light, soft, long life, robust and stylish.


-    Color is good, soft light, luminous efficiency.
-    Cold light in sourcing. No heat radiation. No toxic metals mercury, green.
-    Low power consumption, Long life, Good stability, High reliability.
-    Consumption of energy-efficient than incandescent light with a 60% reduction
-    Ambient temperature up to -20 ℃ ─ +40 ℃, low temperature start normal, fast
-    Light body with metal, impact resistance, Lighting Mask use PC material, even and
soft light with durable.
-    Novel light body design, elegant appearance, with modern lighting features.


Topromise Technology operates in strict according with ISO9001:2000 quality management system, closely follows the world’s research and development direction of LED new light source, and goes ahead of the high-tech lighting industry.From purchasing materials to designing and manufacturing, every step and procedure are under strict inspections and quality control. Our products have been complied with all internal safety standards, i.e EN50015 /EN61547 / EN61000/ EN60968 EN62031/EN62471, ROHS, CE

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